7-Eleven Run 1000

Monday, January 20, 2014

For my first race event in 2014, I joined the 7-Eleven Run 1000. It's an event that celebrated 7-Eleven Philippine's 1000th branch. I joined this event with JC. This was our first run together wherein we were registered for the same category. It was also his first race event for this year.

Registration started way back in December of last year. It was no hassle for me. All I did was register online and paid at a nearby 7-Eleven store. Then came January 5, I claimed our race kits at the same store where I did the payments.
our race kits, mine's 22424-A

The event was held on January 19 at Aseana City. The route ran along Cavitex Expressway which is the road that links Manila and Cavite. Check out the race route map.

The gun start for our category, 21km, was at 4:30am so JC and I had to wake up super early to prep for the race. I had a pre-race meal of chicken noodles with egg, and a banana. And then I drank lots of water and Gatorade.
my 7-Eleven Run 1000 ootd:
21k event singlet
Nike dri-fit shorts
arm band for iPhone
Timex Ironman watch

This was my 2nd 21k race and I finished feeling better than my first one. I had weeks to prepare for this and I was able to build a good mileage before race day. I consistently ran thrice a week for a few weeks before the event, whereas for my first 21k which happened in December, I had little preparation. During this race, I experienced lots of chafing on both my arms and legs, which was very, very painful. I finished strong (I think) and hungry! No new PR for me.
21k runners, just a handful of the literally thousands of people who joined
JC and I
me with my "muntanga" face

Overall, it was an okay event. There were lots of sponsors giving away free stuff which I'm sure the people loved very, very much. All categories got a medal and a finisher's shirt. My shirt was a tad too big and it was made of cotton anyways so I gave it away. Haha. The claiming for the finisher's entitlement was not so organized. There was little space allotted for the claiming. It was very crowded. Lots of people joined the event so the organizers should have anticipated that. Also, the race route involved a few kms of stench as we ran along Coastal Road. Eiww. I saw that some runners came prepared as they were wearing masks. The event didn't came short of hydration though as there were stations here and there. In fact, there was a lot compared to the other races I've joined so a thumb up for the organizers for that.
rank: 2664 out of 4098 runners, official time: 2:49:37

I enjoyed the event. Had the usual muscle pain afterwards and lots of chafing but still, I enjoyed it. :D

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