Chef Arch's Lime

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm not really a fan of street foods because I am kinda picky with what I eat. Street food is defined as ready-to-eat food commonly sold in public or on the "streets", usually in stalls or push carts. Examples of common street foods here in the Philippines are squid balls, fish balls, barbecued pork, chicken feet, pig's ears, chicken intestines, pig's blood, and balut or duck eggs with fetus. Yeah, they may sound a little gross but they are actually yummy. Or those that I've tasted are, not that I've tasted a lot because like I said, I am a picky-eater.

Now, Chef Arch's Lime is a restaurant that serves these street foods in non-unconventional ways, making them look presentable and inviting even for picky-eaters like myself. I discovered this place when one of my friends took me there for dinner. And you know what? I got to try a lot of couple of those street foods mentioned earlier that I normally wouldn't have tried. And I actually enjoyed eating there. 
 Binondo Style Pancit Canton - Php.170
 Street Style BBQ Platter - Php.190
 Hot and Spicy Chili Chicken Wings - Php.190
 Silken Tokwa (Japanese tofu) plus Crispy Tenga (pig's ears) - Php.170
 Tanduay Ice to cap off the night

It was my first time to eat pig's ears that night. It was also a first time for me to try barbecued chicken intestines (isaw). My verdict? They weren't half bad but it's not like I'm gonna be eating them a lot. Haha. I think I'll probably still avoid these street foods in the future unless I'm gonna have them at Chef Arch's Lime. But of course overall, I would give Chef Arch's Lime two thumbs up. I especially loved the pancit canton and the silken tofu. Plus the restaurant has this cool and relaxing ambiance, which I'm sure everybody will appreciate.

You can drop by Chef Arch's Lime at 160 San Rafael St., Mandaluyong City. For more information, check out their website here. :)

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