Istanbul Kebab in HK

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now, you might think I'm kinda weird for munching on Turkish cuisine when I should be indulging in what Hong Kong has to offer. But you know me, I've been already eating Chinese food a lot here in the Philippines. So forgive me if I ended up craving for something else when I was in Hong Kong. I saw Istanbul Kebab in Tsim Sha Tsui and their menu got me craving for Turkish food. And I had to satisfy that craving.
Green Salad - Hkd.30
Cheese Roll Plate - Hkd.28
Chicken Wings with Chips - Hkd.48

Overall, I had a great dining experience at Istanbul Kebab. All three dishes were absolutely delish but it is the salad that I loved the most. I would recommend it if you happen to be in Hong Kong and craving for something other than noodles and dimsum. :)

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