CPK Again + A Happy Birthday

by - 4:23 PM

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin celebrated her 15th birthday with family and close relatives. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and here's what we had.
Classic Caesar Salad - Php.425
The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza - Php.350
Chicken Piccata - Php.850
Fried Mozzarella - Php.150

As usual, the food and service was great. But I came to discover that the service was not just great, it was even better. You see, my cousin's cake was brought in by my aunt and CPK charged no corkage fee at all. That and they even did some retouches on the cake when a few parts of it were kinda ruined when it was removed from the box. Also, they surprised by cousin with a huge birthday sundae. Impressive and you get more than what you paid for.
Cake from Aggy's Cakes and Sweets
 photo with the birthday girl
 photo with the rest of the fam bam

Again, California Pizza Kitchen has provided an awesome dining experience. From the food, to the service, everything. We even got coupons for our next visit. One happy foodie here. :D

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  1. Oh noes there's a food post!!! Now I'm hungry...

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