Light It Up

by - 11:29 AM

July 27th of this year, our company had its annual communication session, or so they call it. We call it party as that's what it is. Well, somehow.

The event is called Light It Up! and the theme for the night was glow-in-the-dark. Hosted by The Boys Night Out's Sam YG, the event was held in SMX Convention Center. It was a night of good food (and lots of it!), awesome music, and a raffle with cool prizes up for grabs. Here is a quick photo diary. And I really mean quick.

blurry but cool photo
the boys: Tracy, Lance, Jo, and Rodney
 my ootn: all black plus glow-in-the-dark accessories

I had a bit of fun. Uhm, all I did that night was eat, and too bad I didn't win the raffle. Boohoo. Oh well. So that's it. As promised, this would just be a quick post. 'Til the next one, loves. XOXO. :D

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