The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak

by - 10:49 PM

Trying out The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak for the very first time in the Atrium, SM Megamall. Doni's treat, btw. So this was the time when my fave girls and I spent one Friday evening pigging out and catching up on each others' lives. Here's some of what we had.

Beef Pepper Rice - Php.215
Corn Soup, which comes with plain rice - Php.60
Peppered Chicken Steak - Php.202
And here are my girls: Doni, Lany, Lei, and Noemi

My verdict? The food was good. In fact, it was very good that I couldn't wait to wolf everything down and I ended up burning my tongue. Which is why impatient me sometimes is not a huge fan of sizzling dishes. As I always tend to burn my tongue. Or maybe I was just too hungry that time. LOL. That and the fact that you have to kinda move the turn the food over so it won't get overcooked, or burned. Also, the corn soup is really tasty. I love it.

The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak is also located in Trinom, SM Mall of Asia, and several other locations which you can check here. I would recommend this place for the great food and good service so drop by anytime you're craving for steaks. :D

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