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Hi there, everyone! I'm back to blogging again. Sorry if I've been gone for a while because I was too busy with work and I got distracted by some personal conflicts but that doesn't really matter now, right? All that matters is I'm back and hopefully there'll be no more unannounced blogging hiatus for me. 

Anyways, here's a foodie post for y'all. It's just recently that I got to try California Pizza Kitchen in Greenbelt 5 where I dined with college org mates. Here's what I tried.
Pepperoni Supremo - Php.295
Fried Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Dip - Php.195
Chinese Chicken Salad - Php.265

My verdict? I love it. Two thumbs up for the great food. I especially loved the mozzarella sticks, I just wish they have bigger servings for that. The food is kinda pricey but worth it. 

Yes, I shameless pigged out that night and even had some bottles of beer afterwards. The next day, I had to endure two hours of self-inflicted torture at the gym just so I can burn everything I wolfed down. LOL. :)

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  1. Me too I love CPK especially their ravioli and chicken bbq pizza and their raspberry iced tea. Thinking about it makes me hungry :)

  2. that looks so yummy <3
    check out my latest post to: