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Chef Lau, or Chef Rolando Laudico, is one of the prominent names in the Philippine's culinary scene. He is one of the judges in the reality TV show Master Chef Pinoy Edition. One of the food places that he owns is Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters and last week, I got to try it for the very first time. Along with my dining experience there came another first for me but more on that later. Let's get to the food first.
Stir-fried vegetables - Php.29
Sizzling chicken sisig - Php.89
Pugon chicken with rice - Php.99

The pugon chicken was absolutely flavorful. I loved it. It is served with gravy but if you ask me, the chicken is already too good on its own. I can see why it is the restaurant's specialty. The chicken sisig is made up of chicken meat, skin, and isaw (intestines), which isn't really for the health conscious as these chicken parts are high in cholesterol. Now, it is my first time ever to eat isaw. Isaw is a famous street food here in the Philippines which I never dared touch nor taste because I'm a bit picky with what I eat. So imagine my reaction when they served the dish and I saw that it had isaw in it. But I decided to be a good sport and ate it and I thought it was actually delicious. Hmm. But that won't make me an isaw fan. Haha, sorry.

My verdict? I'd give it two thumbs up. I'd definitely dine there again but I probably won't order the chicken sisig next time. Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters is located in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I'd recommend this place for the good food and good service. :)

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  1. you make me hungry even more :( great post! loving all your food posts <3

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  2. Oh wow looks yummy, and so affordable.

  3. chanced upon your blog and it's so lovely!
    the food look so delicious !!

  4. It's my first time here! I was just at this place a while ago for lunch! the food were all great all at affordable costs! Hope we can follow each other here at the blogging world! Cheerio! My Blog: