Big City

by - 9:21 AM

Have you ever been to the new Glorietta 2? If you haven't, then I suggest you check it out because it now holds lots of new shops and restos waiting to be discovered. The shopaholic and foodie in you will thank you for it.

Big City is one of those new restaurants. Located on the second floor of Glorietta 2, Big City will definitely satisfy your burger and sandwich cravings. I dined there with my sister during one of our food trip and movie dates.
For me. Classic Burger Meal - Php.125, Add-on bacon - Php.15
Lemonade and Iced Tea. Each burger meal comes with a drink. 
Additional drink - Php.25
Onion Rings - Php.60
For my sister. Spaghetti with Jumbo Hotdog - Php.130

Their burger is one of the best burgers I've ever had. For a moment there, I've completely forgotten that I was on a diet. Suddenly, I'm on cheat day. Haha. Plus the onion rings, I could eat them forever. I'd give this place two thumbs up.

I don't know if Big City has other branches around the metro. I Googled it but got zero results. Anyways, I'd just recommend that you try it out when you're in Glorietta. And don't forget to bring a hefty appetite with you! :)

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