Make Up Review: Love & Beauty

by - 12:20 PM

Forever 21 has always been one of my favorite clothing brands for their trendy and quirky items. Other than clothes, shoes, and accessories, Forever 21 also carries a make-up line called Love & Beauty. I wanted to try them so I bought a few items. Here's my most recent make-up haul.
High Pigment Gloss in Baby Pink and Red
15 Shade Palette

Don't you just love the colors on the palette? I think they're perfect for every day wear. You can easily go from day to night in just one palette. Also, it is so compact that it fits right in your daily kikay kit so you can bring it wherever you go. How convenient.

So far, I'm loving Forever 21's make-up line. In my opinion, the products are of good quality. And the prices won't hurt your budget either. I recommend that you try them out and see for yourselves.  :)

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  1. I always like to get some of there make-up cuz it´s super cheap and if I know, I am not wearing those colors everyday I don´t mind...perfect for playing around, the quality is of course not the best...

    1. Yeah, I agree. It's just good enough for experimenting. I guess you get just a lit bit over what you paid for. :) Thanks, Jezz! :)

  2. I prefer the pink lipgloss! I've got a thing about nude lipglosses ;))