World Food Expo 2012

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As the title suggests, here's my post about the event that was held just recently at SMX Convention Center. WOFEX 2012 was held for four days, from August 1 to August 4. It was a great event for foodies out there as it provided a venue for exploring new flavors and aromas with free taste here and there. It also showcased the country's fresh and known talents in culinary arts. It was also for merchants, restaurant owners, chefs, and  those working in the food industry, as it was a venue for them to buy ingredients by bulk at low, low prices. I went there with my mom and we had a blast roaming around and checking out every booth. My mom ended up shopping a bit as every product there was sold for prices lower than their retail prices.

Okay, now here comes the mouth-watering part. Photo time! I had a hard time selecting which ones I'm gonna include but here they are.
Delicious MokkiLato. Looove it!
I couldn't resist the samples. 
Entries in the cake/pastry competition. Yes, these are edible. Too 
bad we're not allowed to have samples.
More artistic desserts.
And then the for-sale goodies.

Can't post everything here. I wouldn't want to photo-spam my blog. Teehee. There are more photos in the album on my Facebook page. You can check them out here

And lastly, let me post a photo of my beautiful mom who came to the event with me. She's so supportive of my blogging what-not's that I'm really, really thankful for her.

Well, that's it. I truly enjoyed coming to this event and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Hope I didn't make you too hungry. :P

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  1. Hey I love your blog and all your pics. All of them looks so tasty :D



  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Steve. :)