Saturday Night at Icebergs

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After not seeing each other for more than a couple of months, my college friend, Mabel, and I decided to meet up for dinner. We had a lot of catching up to do. As usual, we went to Metrowalk in Ortigas. This time, we chose to dine in Icebergs. Why Icebergs? Well, I was determined to not eat rice for the rest of the weekend and Icebergs has yummy sandwiches. And of course, my sweet tooth is also craving for a dose of something cold, syrup-y, and chocolate-flavored. So there.

Here's what we ordered.
Tuna Melt Special for me. Creamy tuna and egg salad with tomatoes, 
cucumbers, and cheese, all in toasted bread. Served with chips and 
Mighty AJ's Beef Burger for Mabel. It's made of pure beef patty prepared 
with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, with Icebergs' own special sauce. 
Served with fries and dip.
Iced Tea for Mabel. Orange Juice for me.

I swear, their sandwiches are sooo heavy. By the time I was done with my sandwiches, I was already feeling so stuffed. We had to take a breather for about ten minutes because we weren't done yet. There's still dessert! Of course, one should never leave Icebergs without ordering any of their cool treats.
Mango Tango Split for Mabel. One scoop each of mango, strawberry, 
and vanilla ice cream topped with mangoes, peaches, almonds, nuts, 
candy sprinkles, and cherries.
Oreo Choco Parfait for me. Two scoops cookies 'n' cream and one scoop 
chocolate ice cream drenched in chocolate sauce, and topped with Oreo
cookies, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, nuts, and a cherry.

After all that food, my tummy was incredibly happy. And full. The dessert was the best part and I enjoyed every minute of devouring that parfait. I felt like a kid. I saved the Oreo cookies for last. Haha.
Mabel and I, paying the bill and getting ready to leave. Haha.

Well, that was it for my Saturday night. Just a quiet dinner and dessert with one of my girl friends. Ah, I miss my college days. Haha. I'm having a good weekend. How about you? How was your weekend so far? :)

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  1. OMG those food look delicious <3 x