My Chinese New Year at Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen

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One day, I got this Tweet from a fellow blogger, asking me if I'm interested to attend the opening of a restaurant, because he knows that I love to blog about food. It's for Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen in Alabang Town Center. Of course, I said yes. As if I'd pass up that opportunity, right? 

So the 23rd of January came, and that was the date for the said event. Incidentally, that was also Chinese New Year and it's my first Chinese New Year that I spend outside the house and not eating tikoy. Around 6:30pm, they started serving drinks, including wine, plus some appetizers. A bit later, there was a fireworks display that went on for about ten minutes. After that, the actual opening started. There was the usual ribbon cutting and shortly, a traditional Chinese dragon dance followed. It was pretty interesting. Although, I think I became temporarily deaf because I was standing near the drums. Haha. After that, it's time for more food, food, food!

Now, let's get to the best part. 
Thit Nuong Xa. Grilled lemongrass chicken satay with scallion oil and peanuts.

Chao Tom. Prawns wrapped around a sugarcane, served with lettuce and noodles.

There are two dishes here in this photo. Cua Rang Moui Toi, also known as chef Danny's garlicky crab. Tom Noung voi Mi Toi, grilled prawn with garlic noodles.

Canh Ga Chien voi Toi. Fried chicken lollipops with garlic and scallions.

Two different types of signature Vietnamese rolls. Goi Cuon, fresh rolls with shrimps, pork, lettuce and noodles. Bo Bia, rolls with dried shrimps, Chinese sausage, jicamas, carrots, and eggs.

It was my first time to try Vietnamese cuisine and I actually liked it. My personal favorites were the chicken lollipops and the prawn with garlic noodles. I wasn't exactly a fan of food with lots of garlic but the noodles won me over. The chicken lollipops were served with a dipping sauce which has this sour taste that I really liked. I tried the spring rolls just so I can be a good sport. I think it was okay but I almost hate vegetables so I'm really kind of biased here. Other than that, everything else was great. And everything on the menu is priced just right. I would definitely come back here.

One last picture. With blogger, Kevin Olega.

It's thanks to him that I got invited to Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen's grand opening. If you're interested with the Filipino lifestyle, then you should check out his blog here.

Well, that's it for this post. So to my Filipino followers, anytime that you're around Alabang, you should try out this place for a taste of Vietnam. You won't regret it. :)

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