About Me

Whatever Eva by Eva Marie Soquena is a lifestyle blog that chronicles Eva's travel adventures, gastronomic discoveries, and her passion for running, surfing, health, and fitness. She also occasionally posts reviews for make-up and skin care products.

Eva is a twenty-something corporate slave, based in Metro Manila, Philippines, who dabbles in a lot of things when she's not working. She loves to eat, travel, shop for clothes and make-up, take photographs and cover sports events, climb mountains, swim, bike, surf, run, and workout.

Eva started running in 2013. She was overweight back then and running was a way for her to lose weight. She started from zero, running 5km races, and eventually worked her way to longer distances. 
In February 2015, she reached a milestone by finishing her first ever full marathon. Shortly after, she finished her first ever ultra marathon, which pertains to a distance of more than 42km. Her ultimate goal was to finish the Bataan Death March 102km Ultramarathon, which she completed earlier in 2017. She is also a proud member of the following running groups: Team Ayala Triads, Team Sigue Correr Runners, and Team Active Pinas.

When she's not running, she's somewhere soaking up some sun rays on a beach and catching some waves. Wherever she is, she'll be sure to keep you updated. :)