Race Report: Sinai 100

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Two Sundays ago, I joined the Sinai 100 which is the 2017 edition of Coach Roel's Birthday Run. The race had two main events, the 50k and 100k trail races, and three side events, the 16k, 8k, and 1k trail races. I joined that 16k category as my comeback on the trails and in running events after more than a month's hiatus.

The race started at 6:30am at Camp Sinai in San Mateo, Rizal. By then, the sun had risen and I predicted that it was going to be a hot race. And true enough, it was scorching hot that morning. The route began on a downhill winding trail. I followed the runners ahead of me, without realizing that there were no trail markers at the route. We ended up getting lost three times. After asking the locals, we found ourselves on the road part of the route. I got to the first aid station and refilled my Simple Hydration bottle. By then, I was already exhausted because I tired myself out getting lost.
Photo Credits: Marc Papa of Paps Photography

After that was an hour more on the grueling new trails. The terrain was slippery because it was covered in freshly cut grass. The assaults were a mix of ascents and descents that I enjoyed. There were also a couple of river crossings with waters up to my ankles. I prevented my shoes and feet from getting wet by stepping and balancing on some rocks. 

The last six kilometers were on the road with rolling hills. The road was lined with pine trees on both sides which made for a breezy run, although there was barely any shade so I could feel the hot sun on my skin. Towards the last four kilometers, I reached the last hydration station where I quickly refilled my bottle and alternately ran and walked my way to the finish line.
Photo Credits: Ron of Active Pinas

I finished the race in a little over three hours. It was not my best performance on the trails but given that I got lost and logged a total of 19km instead of 16km, it was still a good time.

While there were hiccups in the event, like the lack of trail markers on the first few kilometers and the shortage in the medals, it was still overall a successful event. I definitely enjoyed the race itself and the trails. Thanks to coach Roel for the free race kit and kudos for another running event.
unofficial time: 03:14:xx

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