Product Review: Selsun Blue

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Back when I was in college, there was a time when I had dandruff. Dandruff can be caused by dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, and other skin conditions. While it is not serious and won't lead to other health conditions, it should still not be taken lightly because when left untreated, it can become really itchy and inflamed that it might cause temporary hair loss. 

This is where Selsun Blue comes in. Selsun Blue is a clinically proven over-the-counter dandruff-treatment shampoo that promises to keep you dandruff-free, while keeping your hair and scalp healthy and moisturized. Its active ingredient is Selenium Sulfide, which is an anti-infective and anti-fungal agent, that relieves itching and flaking of the scalp. It also has Honeyquat 50 to moisturize the hair from within and restore its natural shine. While I am completely dandruff-free now, prevention is still always better than cure. Selsun Blue does not only treat and eliminate dandruff; it also helps prevent it from coming back by regularly using it. Which is why it is okay to use it even if you do not have dandruff.

Selsun Blue is very easy to use. Just massage it onto wet hair and scalp, and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and repeat application. Make sure to wash hands well after using. For best results, use it at least twice a week or as prescribed by doctor.

My verdict? I've been using Selsun Blue for several weeks now and I can say that it has work wonders for my hair. Apart from preventing dandruff, I love how it keeps my hair healthy. Because the 2-in-1 formula conditions the hair, I no longer have to use conditioner. My hair always feels soft and smooth. Because it also has menthol, it keeps my scalp cool throughout the day. 

I've used a lot of hair products and this is one of those that I like best. I would definitely recommend Selsun Blue for your dandruff problems. And even if you don't have dandruff anymore just like in my case. Like I said earlier, prevention is always better than cure. :)

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