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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hi, everyone. Here is a foodie post that will surely please all the ramen-lovers out there. So last month, I started going to the gym. There are a few restaurants and fast food chains near the gym, and there is one that opened just very recently Ramen Metro is a new Japanese restaurant inspired by traditional ramen houses found in the outskirts of Manila during the 80s. I checked for reviews about it but so far, I haven't found any. It's so new that when I checked Zomato and Looloo, there are no posts about it yet. So let me be one of the firsts.

I went to Ramen Metro with one of my runner friends, Belle, after our gym session. We worked out for almost three hours and that called for some hefty recover meal.

The place was quite small but not cramped. Estimating the size area, the restaurant can comfortably seat about forty people. The ambience was nice. It definitely has that traditional Japanese ramen house feel to it. Upon entering, we were greeted quite enthusiastically by friendly waiters who immediately handed us the menu and took our orders once we were ready. And now for the food...
 Tonkutsu Metro Ramen - Php375
Ebi Maki - Php195

We were informed that the ramen bowls were already good for sharing so we only ordered one. The waiter asked if we wanted it split into two bowls already and we agreed since that was pretty convenient. We also ordered a plate of maki because we were hungry.

My verdict? The ramen was delicious, especially the soup. The noodles were filling but they were not too heavy, which I liked, and they were cooked just perfectly. The servings were huge even though it was already divided into two. And as for their maki? I really loved it that I couldn't get enough of it. And that's saying a lot coming from a maki-lover (is there such a term?) like me. You know me, I love love love maki that I want to make it my mission in life to try out all the maki out there. LOL. But you get what I mean, right? Their maki's so yummy that I almost ended up ordering another plate.

Anyway, since I had such an awesome dining experience at Ramen Metro, my first won't definitely be my last. And I would recommend this to everyone. Ramen Metro is located on the ground floor of Blue Bay Walk along Macapagal Highway. Check it out and experience ramen reinvented. :)

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