AffiniTea Raise D' Roof 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I've been busy with other stuff lately but better late than never. Here is my race report for my most recent running event: AffiniTea Raise D' Roof, where I participated in the 21k category.

The event was held at the CCP Complex on the 5th of July. Since I did a climb the day before, I was still feeling very sore and I didn't came prepared. I didn't even have my race essentials with me, like my energy gels. Huhu. Because of that, I had my mind set on going on pasyal pace. But since one of my runner friends, Desmond, decided to pace with me, gone were my plans of taking it easy. I wasn't able to do my so-called pasyal run. Heck, I wasn't even able to do my usual 4:1 Galloway. I told him that he can go ahead at any point, if he wants to or if he's feeling bored with our pace, because he's so much faster than me, but he ended up pacing me for the entirety of the race. We ran almost the whole 21k route, and only walked when approaching the hydration stations and after sprinting on the flyovers. 

The route was same old, same old. The venue was the same as last year but it wasn't that crowded this time. There was ample hydration, both water and energy drinks. The quality of the singlet and the finishers shirt was really good. I also loved the design of the shirts. Overall, it was a fun and well-organized event. 
 pre-race photo with Team aRUNkada
post-race photo with mamaws from Team SCR
 post-race photo with my Team Ayala Triads family

Thanks to Desmond for pacing me and for the extra push to clock in a decent time despite my not-so-good condition and lack of training. And of course, huge thanks to sir Mark Liu, founder and general manager of AffiniTea, for my race kit. Kudos to AffiniTea and to the rest of the organizers for this successful event! 
rank: 360th out of 843 runners, official chip time: 2:24:32

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