Run Happy

by - 12:45 PM

When you're doing what you absolutely love, you are in your happy place. There is just no other way to describe it. 

When I'm running, I am in my happy place. When I'm running, there is the adrenaline rush and I feel the cool wind in my hair, the hot sun on my face, and every bit of sweat trickling down. I'm hearing nothing but the music blasting from my earphones, and the distant sound of cars and people around me although none of them seem to matter at the moment. It's just me and the road. And every inch of me is euphoric as my feet hit the hot, hard asphalt. My legs may hurt and I may feel out of breath, but those are only temporary. What's there to stay is the happiness I feel after a good run. Thus, you'll never catch me in a bad mood when I run.
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