Etude Princess Run

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When I saw the poster for the Etude Princess Run, it caught my attention in an instant. Mostly because of the fact that it is pink. Also, the name (Princess Run, lol) is very catchy and it kinda sticks if you're kikay and into that kind of thing.

I wanted to join the moment that I saw the poster. But then there's this buddy run event that JC and I wanted to join and it was on the same date. I was torn. But eventually, that didn't push through because JC backed out. So ended up I registering for the 10k category three weeks before the actual date. Unfortunately, I didn't have the Etude House membership card yet so I was not able to get a pink tutu skirt. I just got the bib and the singlet.

This was my only "long" run before the Run United 2 (more about that later) so I was planning to run 10km before the race. That would make 21km. But come race date, that plan became a goner. You see, I was not in the best shape that day. My leg muscles were feeling sore. I was also feeling some pain in my right ankle whenever I put too much pressure on it. I guess I was over-training. 

Of course, I still decided to push through with the run itself. I told myself to take it easy. I ran in a comfortable pace and then I walked every time I felt a little bit of pain. It was my longest 10k ever with an unofficial time of 1:18:50. I checked the Etude House website for the race results and I got this error message saying that my bib number was not found. :(
 with a few members of the Team Powerpuff Boys
Don't you just love their singlet?
 my 10k finishers medal

Despite the letdown caused by wonky race results, it was still a good race event. There was enough hydration. The marshals were very friendly. Also, the male runners who wore tutu skirts made the race very interesting. Hey, real men wear pink, right? But it turns out that those who can pull off a pink tutu skirt are the manliest of 'em all. Word! As to my finishers kit, I got a bottle of Pocari Sweat and a pink Etude House water tumbler which I loved. I would have liked to stay at the Etude House Pink Fair to play games at the booths and win prizes but the lines were too long and I really didn't have the patience for that. I was already happy with the tumbler and the medal. The medal is big and absolutely pretty so... Haha. 

Anyways, that's about it for this event. Now, I did mention earlier the Run United 2 which was concluded recently. I have a blog post coming up about that race but I haven't started on it yet. Do keep posted because that event is HUGE. It is a milestone in my running career (?). Yes, career kasi kinarir ko na talaga. :)))

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