Make Up Review: Avon Super Drama Mascara

by - 7:07 AM

I had never really wanted to buy this mascara at first because I didn't know about this product 'til I saw it on a catalogue. You see, I ran out of mascara a couple of weeks back and I had to go to work mascara-less. Incidentally, one of my colleagues who sells Avon products, handed me the catalog and asked me to check it out, see if there's anything I want. I accepted it out of courtesy and upon browsing the make-up section, I saw this mascara. I figured since I won't have time to go to the mall to buy one, I might as well order from her and get it the next day.

Overall, I think the product is good. I like the brush although in general, I prefer brushes that are slightly bent since they make for easier application. But I can always bend this one just a little bit whenever I apply it. It does add volume but not so much length. It dries out quick and it does not run since it's waterproof.

Would I buy this one again? Yes, I like it and it's not so expensive either. For only Php.349 (USD 7.8), you get a lot more for your money. :)

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