Tong Yang

by - 7:55 PM

I'm constantly craving for Asian cuisine. Which is why I was glad that I discovered Tong Yang Hot Pot. It is an all-you-can-eat restaurant located on the 4th floor Atrium of SM Megamall, and this is where I had dinner one time with sorority and fraternity batch mates. Check out the photos. 

For only Php.585 per person, you get to enjoy an endless stream of sushi, dimsum, noodles, and stuff that you can cook in butter in the built-in grill that they provided on each table. Like beef strips, tofu, chicken meat, and so much more. Plus that already includes free flowing drinks like juice, soda, and even beer. Now that's really affordable, right?

I'd highly recommend this if you have a hefty appetite for authentic Asian cuisine. Check out their website here and a list of their other branches here. :)

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