Tokyo Tokyo

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I'm not really a fan of Japanese cuisine, and with that, Japanese restaurants. Western foods are more my speed. I'm the type of girl who's perfectly happy with a greasy burger and a plate of big, fat, and salty fries. Oh, and I love pasta and pizza too, which you've probably heard me say a gazillion times. 

Anyways, this post, which is way way overdue, is about one of those days when I actually got out of my comfort zone and decided to try out Tokyo Tokyo. Well, second time actually. Whatta loser, you might say. Yeah, it's been there for a long time but I haven't really tried it until some time last month. Like I said, not a fan of Japanese food. I went with Kams in their SM Mall of Asia branch.
Honey Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Oyakodon
Onion Rings

Couldn't resist ordering onion rings because I love 'em. Happens every time I'm dining in a place that has it on the menu. The food was just okay, I guess. Only okay. I'm not crazy about it. The onion rings were disappointment, to tell you the truth. They were kinda soggy and not-at-all crispy. Hopefully, it's just in that branch of Tokyo Tokyo.

Well, there you go. Watch out for more of my food-tripping adventures, or in this case, misadventures. Hihi. Hope everyone's having a good week! :)

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  1. Hi Eva!! :)

    Love Tokyo Tokyo! Their unli rice - do they still have it? :) Ginaya lang sila ng Mang Inasal haha!

    Followed you!
    The Misty Mom

    1. Yeah, they still have that, I think though I didn't order it. Haha.

      Thanks for dropping by. :D

  2. I am so hungry right now and this looks very delicious to me!

  3. The food looks just great!! Love onion rings! :D Xx