Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run with Michaela

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Press Release:

Sa takbuhan, hindi ba mas masaya talaga kapag may KASAMA? Ang isang ordinaryong takbo, nagiging extraordinary kapag kasama mo ang best friend mo. Ang 10 kilometers parang nagiging 5k na lang at nawawala ang pagod mo kapag kasama mo ang ka-tropa mo. Sa takbuhan, pwede mo ring isama ang buong pamilya mo for some quality bonding time.

Naalala mo pa ba yung first marathon mo? Sino kasama mo? Yung first time mong maka SUB1 10K, may sumupporta ba sa'yo? Exciting siguro na magkasama-sama kayo uli, 'di ba?

Sa mga single naman, broken-hearted, o sa mga mahilig lang talaga tumabko mag-isa: wag po kayong mag-alala, kasama po kayo ng Pinoy Fitness, actually 7 years na.

This August 14, Pinoy Fitness is celebrating its 7th anniversary, and in this run, we want to celebrate all our friends, families, and loved ones, who've been with us and who've supported us all these years.

Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run also supports MCares, a charity component of MICHAELA, that gives assistance to different less fortunate communities around the country.

All categories get an race singlet, race bib with RFID, and a finishers medal. Finishers of the SUB1 10k category gets a SUB1 medal if they finish the race in less than 60 minutes. So that's a total of two medals. All 16k finishers get a finishers shirt.
16k finishers shirt

The medal doubles as a bottle opener. Here are the designs for each category.

The back of the medals also has a design that when six medals are put together, they form a sort-of puzzle. The back designs were randomly distributed to each category so participants will never know what they're going to get. Pinoy Fitness will be giving a prize to groups who will be able to complete the puzzle. As to what the prize will yet have to be announced. 

So save the date. Register online until June 30 to get a personalized bag tag, or register at any of the registration venues from June 30 to July 30. May KASAMA ka na ba sa takbong ito? Kitakits tayo! :)

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