Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon 2016: Registration and Race Details

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cardimax - Clark Ultramarathon, a premier ultramarathon event in the Philippines is set to take off between 3rd and 4thSeptember, 2016 at the Clark Freeport Zone. The event consists of 100 Kilometer Championship and 50 Kilometer Challenge categories. It also includes 4-Men and 2-Men Relays for the 100K and 50K, respectively. It aims to gather beginner, aspiring, top and veteran ultramarathoners in a journey to inspire each other to go beyond their limits and give their best and harness their own energy! 

Go Longer. It is an ideal race for the aspiring and relatively new ultra-marathoners to go beyond a marathon distance or do their first century distance. Similarly, endurance athletes can find the race as an avenue to improve and test their endurance levels while enjoying the tough but scenic course. 

Go Faster. The race is set to attract top marathoners and ultra-marathoners in a challenge to outrun themselves and their competitors. The race will reward top performances in individual and team categories. 

Go Together. This is more than a race; it is a journey designed to inspire each other in the sport. It offers an 18-week Training Calendar and a race day event where runners can learn from each other and from coaches, fitness professionals and other partners. Together, our runners will “dig deep” and explore the innate, possibly dormant, strength in them. Everyone will experience the special camaraderie and friendship among competitors, volunteers, race officials and spectators. 

Here are the race details.

Register now at For more information, visit their website at

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