Five Tips for Healthy Holiday Feasting

Thursday, December 24, 2015

When one mentions the holiday season, what usually comes to mind are Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties, reunions, and the like, which largely involves one (in this case, one means A LOT) thing: food. Let's face it: no party is ever complete without food. That being said, people say that it is completely okay to gain weight during the holidays. But why gain weight when you can avoid it? And no, it does not mean that you will be starving yourself. Here are some tips to keep the holiday pounds at bay while still getting to enjoy the food.
  • Use smaller plates. Try using a dessert plate or a salad plate when getting food from the main course. This way, even if you fill your entire plate, you will still end up eating less than what you'd normally eat on a regular-sized plate.
  • Wait for all the food to be served before choosing. You do not want to pile a couple of dishes on your plate, only to find out that they will be serving something that you like better. If you wait for everything to be served before making your selections, then you make wiser and healthier choices.
  • And speaking of choosing... Be a picky eater. Go for veggies and salads sans mayo-based dressing as appetizers. Sprinkle some vinaigrette instead. For your meat, choose lean ones. Skip the rice if you will be eating pasta, and keep the servings small. Skip carbs completely if you can, and stuff yourself silly with tasty veggies and lean protein. Do not deprive yourself, but do not over-indulge as well. Same goes for dessert.
  • Pop a sugar-free mint once you've had your fill. You know how brushing your teeth kinda makes you want to avoid eating? Popping a mint in your mouth has that same effect. The taste of a fresh and clean palate is sure to keep additional and unnecessary noshing at bay.
  • Keep moving. After eating, don't just sit in a corner. Walk around and socialize. Stand when chitchatting with people. Also, don't skip your workout routine. Despite the busy holiday schedule, you can still squeeze in 15 minutes of workout or a hundred crunches. 
There you go. I hope you find these tips helpful for a healthier and fitter you this holiday season. Happy holiday eating! :D

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