Splash of Color

Monday, October 20, 2014

For a lot of people, myself included, every day is pretty much the same. We wake up, go to work or school, go home, go to sleep, and then repeat. Some people engage in their hobbies  for a few hours in a day, or every other day or something like that, but yeah, everything still is the same. Which can get a bit boring. When things get too monotonous, they tend to get dreary and tiresome. Which is why we should mix things up, once in a while. Do something different. Get out of our comfort zones. Be unpredictable. 

For me getting out of my comfort zone can mean veering away from my usual blacks and grays, and injecting some hues, for a change. A little change can be good sometimes, ya' know. :)
 Top from Forever 21
Shorts from Forever 21
Bag from Dooney and Bourke
Sandals, thrifted from Greenhills Shopping Center
Watch from Tomato

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