Bull Session

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So I have already mentioned a few times that I have registered for the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2015, right? I've already read and heard many times that running a marathon is no joke. One should be prepared by consistently training for it and building mileage. Part of the TBRDM registration package is a marathon training program that caters especially to first-time marathoners like myself. It is even suitable for newbies who have no experience in running prior to signing up for the event. In line with this, the TBRDM team has scheduled group runs or what we call "Bull Sessions" that takes place every few weeks. 

For the first Bull Session which took place on October 4th, we had a 45-minute run wherein we  were divided into smaller groups according to our preferred interval (1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and run-all-the-way). You see, the coaches of the TBRDM team, highly recommends the Galloway method to first-time marathoners. He suggested that we choose a conservative interval that is best suited to our experience in running and if we want, we can eventually work our way up. This is so that we can train safely and efficiently.
posing for the group photo

There wasn't much to tell about our Bull Sessions. It was just the usual warm-up, run, and cool-down but they are really essential to our training. But if we cannot attend those sessions, we can follow our training plan and do our own LSDs. 
with The Bull Runner herself, Jaymie Pizarro

Aside from the organised group run, there's also free hydration courtesy of Gatorade, every session. Bull Sessions are open for everyone, not just for TBRDM participants, and they're free. To those who will be running their first marathon in February (there are two events for that! :D), I encourage you to join our Bull Sessions. Click here to check the schedule. See you there! :)

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