Letting Loose

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I miss those days when I was young and carefree. Those days when I didn’t have work to think about.  Those days when I didn’t have deadlines to meet or reports to do. Those days when I would just let time pass without a care in the world. Because these days, I’ve been nothing but busy. Busy with work, busy running and training for my race events. Busy with this blog, not that it is becoming a burden or something but you get the drift. I'm not complaining. I love how I'm living my life now. It's just that I get feeling sometimes. You know, that feeling wherein I wish that I could just lay around and do nothing and not think about anything. But I can’t because I have responsibilities. So what I do instead is to just let loose through what I wear. There are days when I feel like I wearing my comfiest cotton shirt and most worn-out pair of denim shorts, and go out. I don’t have to be all dressed up and look so put-together all the time. Almost everything in life can be stressful, so why stress over the outfits we wear, right? Even if I’m living a lifestyle that’s far from happy-go-lucky, I can just let my way of dressing show a carefree side of me. I hope that makes sense somehow.
Shorts from Mudd
Bag from Coach
Flats from Gibi Shoes
Sunnies from Ray-Ban

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