Milo R2 APEX Season 8 Week 4

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So we're nearing the end of the month. Coach Asha told us that the first month is dedicated to doing drills that aim to correct our form when running. Then we were told that for the upcoming months, we can expect that the workouts will be more challenging than ever. Apparently, the first month is supposed to be the easy part. Hahaha.

Tuesday Session

We started Tuesday session with the usual Theraband workouts. Again, we dedicated the earlier part of that session in correcting our form. 

We started with the legs. First, we split up into pairs and had our partners check the way our knees bend, one knee at a time while the other leg is raised a bit. If our knees bend inwards or outwards, it has to be corrected because our knees should align the second toe or index toe. Turns out my left leg is already fine while my right leg tends to go inwards when bending. So we used the Theraband to control our legs whenever we bend by having out partners pull the opposite way. That and a couple more exercises. At one point, it rained and we had to move to a covered area in Bonifacio High Street.

And then we had the usual run. I finished 3.80km with a pace of 7"/km. Then we started our cool down. But in the middle of our cool down, Coach Toni approached our group and led us into a finisher workout. A finisher workout is a workout that aims to use up all the energy that we have left. Meaning, we have to give it our all until we can no longer stand up. Kidding! But you get the point right. So here's what we did:

We had to repeat these two movements in one whole minute and we had to do as many as we can. After the minute was done, I swear my whole body felt sore and I was sweating like crazy. Finally, we got to do our cool down exercises.

Thursday session… Hmm. I wouldn't know what went on there because I skipped it. Again. Yes, I skipped again because I wasn't feeling too well. 

Saturday Session

I wasn't supposed to attend this as well because my legs were sore. You see, I missed my first love so I went for a few laps in the pool on Friday evening. I knew that I was in no condition to run. But when I saw that we had aqua training scheduled on Saturday, there was no way that I was going to miss it.

We had our aqua training in the Philippine Army Gym. I must say that it is a great place to go on laps because the pool is huge. Plus with an entrance fee of only Php.100 good for an entire day, it is really cheap too. 

As usual, we did our warm-ups. We did a lot of stretching focusing on the legs, Coach Asha promised us a lot of plyometrics for that session. Ughhhh. After the warm-up came the fun and gruelling part: the actual work-outs. Now, I cannot remember the exact order of the movements but here are the movements that we did:
And I forgot the rest. Haha, sorry. But basically, they were all plyometric drills. We did this in the water because of the buoyancy. The water provides cushioning, thus the drills were less intense than if they were done on land and using our body weight. Also, the water provides resistance, which makes it not thaaat easy. 

We also did some core workouts in the water. The highlight of that session for me would be the part were we did crunches in the water. Basically, we had our legs up the platform with our knees forming a 90 degree angle against the platform. And then we did crunches, three sets with 15 repetitions each. Please refer to this image for the correct form. It was crazyyy. 

But it was a Saturday well spent. I had fun. And I felt great after the session even though my body felt sore all over. I even squeezed in a couple of laps before leaving the venue. Sayang yung pool eh. Teehee. 

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