Milo R2 APEX Season 8 Week 3

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hi, there. Sorry if I haven't been posting these past few days. It is because I was totally swamped with work and I couldn't find the time to compose a decent blog post. Anyways, I'm back now. 

So for the third week, I skipped the Tuesday session. Or Torture Tuesday, as the coaches call it. You see, I kinds missed LSDs so I attempted to do one on Monday. I was supposed to run at least 10km but I came to a point where I felt like throwing up so I had to stop and take a rest. JC calls it "suka (vomit) pace", eiww. I ended up finishing 7.50km and maintained a pace of 7'15"/km. I also ended up with very sore calf muscles, so I decided to take a rest on Tuesday.

Thursday Session

We started Thursday session with a small talk about ITBS, my favourite (lol). Then the PTs taught us some stretches for the ITBS. We then moved on to our warm-up:
We did three sets of the the exercise. After that was our so-called favourite part which is the running. We were instructed to make four laps around the 1.2km loop. Mind you, I slept for only about two hours that day so I was not in a good condition. I ended up stopping after the third lap because my asthma acted up. All I did was just took a rest and I still managed to finish the other workouts.

For the third part, we had to use our Therabands and work with a partner. We did the side leg press with the Theraband providing resistance to add more tension to the workout. Next drill: we stood on one leg, extending the other to the back and then held each end of the band with our hands. We mimicked the correct arm swing when running. The band would add resistance to our arm swing but the purpose of that is for us to get used to the correct form once we are actually running. Lastly, we did some variations of planks and push-ups to work the upper body and the core. And then finished with cool down stretches. 

Saturday Session

I woke up way too early for the Saturday sesh. Must be because I also slept early the night before. Heh. Anyways, we started our warm-ups at around 5:15am, and then started running around 5:30am. Coach Peachy told us that we will be running a distance of 8-9km in BGC. We first ran on an easy pace around the small loop and then did a Fartlek run on the route that our coach made for us. The route was a good mix of uphill, downhill, and flat road.

I was feeling great at first. But a little past halfway our run, my inner thighs started chafing, and then I just started feeling tired and out of breath. It was horrible. It was just like what happened during the Yakult run. When we were done, my Nike+ showed that we ran a distance of 9.65km with a 6'55"/km pace. Not bad. 

After the run, we had some core workouts which involved some plank holds, sit-ups, and some moves that I saw on Ab Ripper X. Then finally, my favourite part: the cool down stretches, to ease up and relax those tensed muscles. It was a Saturday morning well spent. :)

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