Milo R2 APEX Season 8 Week 2

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Hello! Here's the second instalment of the Milo R2 APEX blog post series wherein I tell you about each session. If you haven't read the first one, then just click here to give you an idea of how we started out the season.

Tuesday Session

This session was led by coach Asha Macam. The session began with a small talk made by our PTs about injury wherein they cite two injuries that are commonly experienced by runners. Then we moved on to a couple more balancing tests. Boy, I need to work on this one a little bit as I seem to be wobbling more with my right leg. Next up are the warm-up stretches using our Thera-bands. Then the REAL warm-up began. *cries* BTW, I'm putting in links for some of the drills so you can have an idea of how it's done because I can't really describe some of them. HAHA.
So we did three rounds of those exercises above. That, my friends, was only the warm-up. After that, we went for a quick 2.48km run and I maintained a pace of 7"30'/km, with JC pacing with me during the last 500 meters. We were given a quick water break after and some time to catch our breath. And we're not done yet. Here comes the even tougher part. We did this drill that the 42k group did last week.
  • sprint a distance of around 60ft
  • bear crawl on a distance of around 15ft
  • jog around small cones
  • 5 push ups
  • repeat the same routine backwards going back to the starting line
We did five rounds of this drill and I swear, I have never been THAT exhausted in my entire life. Or maybe I have, back when I was doing Insanity (yes, I tried it and the name is truly apt). And finally, we did some cool down stretches to wrap it up.
Can you spot me?

Thursday Session

I came early for this session because I couldn't sleep at home. It was too hot. I ended up waking early and having my first meal of the day: pandesal and cheese dogs, at around 4:30 in the afternoon. 

The session started with a small discussion about injuries: shin splints and cramps, my two favourites. LOL. But I barely listened because I was too distracted with something (sorryyy). And then we moved on to stretches using the Thera-band which mainly focused on the upper body. Then came the warm-up.

  • 40 seconds spiderman push-ups
  • 20 seconds jogging in place
  • 40 seconds squat jumps (but without really jumping, just ALMOST jumping)
  • 20 seconds high knees
  • 40 seconds warrior kicks
  • 20 seconds butt kicks
  • 40 seconds heisman
  • 20 seconds jumping jacks
We then went on a quick water break and then went for a run, three times around the "small loop". I finished a distance of 3.8km with a pace of 7"09'/km. We finished with the usual cool down stretches afterwards.

Saturday Session

We started our Saturday session at around 5:30am with warm-ups: fingers shake, arm swings, jumping jacks, jogging in place, high knees, butt kicks, front kicks, and side kicks. Then we went for a 3.6km Fartlek run with a pace of 6'15"/km. So what is a Fartlek run? Fartlek is Swedish for "speed play", where runners play with speed by alternating between moderate and hard effort. Read this article from Runner's World to know more. 

After the run, we went on a quick water break and then we moved on to do sprints. Coach Peachy observed and then afterwards gave us tips on correcting and improving our form. Finally, we finished with cool down stretches to work on our core and upper body, and to then to relieve the muscles in our legs. 

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  1. ack! this post reminded me i should start exercising again! :) thanks!