Milo R2 APEX Season 8 Week 1

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Hi, everyone. Here's my first installment of the Milo R2 APEX blog post series as promised on this recent post. Basically, the clinic would run from the last week of April until the third week of July with a total of 36 sessions. In BGC, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. For 36 weeks, we'll be training with fitness coach and fitness science expert coach Jim Saret and his wife coach Toni. We'll also be trained by the country's top running coaches. For my 21k group, it's coach Gerard Sabal. There are also physical therapists who are certified in fitness training who will be with us during our sessions in case we have injuries. Okay, so here we go.

Tuesday Session

We had a brief meet and greet with our group. I signed up for the 21k group which is composed of 21k runners and those who are looking to run their first 21k. There were returning APEX runners and also newbies like myself.

After the meet and greet we had the fitness test - the first of many more to come. We were given some balancing exercises to determine if our legs are of equal strength or if one is stronger than the other. Then we determined our weaker leg as one of the goals of the running clinic is to be stronger in all aspects of running. It was really easy for me to balance myself until we were told to close our eyes. I found myself wobbling, but thankfully, I didn't fall. I discovered that my right leg is the weaker one, which means that I have a tendency of putting too much effort on the left making it more prone to injuries.

Then comes the even tougher part. The workout. Here's what we did that day:
  • Warm-up: high knee, butt kicks, jogging in place, and stretches
  • The 4-minute Workout: 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 lunges for each leg, and then repeat everything until the 4 minutes are up
  • 3km run around Bonifacio High Street
  • Cool down stretches
me, during the warm-up, tired as crap and still smiling

I think I did pretty well that session. I finished 3 sets of the 4-minute workout and was halfway on my 4th set when the time was up. Also, I got to maintain a pace of 7'19"/km during the 3km run which was faster than my average pace. I was sweating like crazy afterwards but it felt great and I found myself looking forward to more. All in all, it was a good first session. 
photo ops after the session, whew

Thursday session was cancelled because it fell on May 1st which is Labor Day. And so we move on to the...

Saturday Session

Came Saturday, I had to wake up super early because we were told to be at the venue by 4:30am. Wait, what? Whaaat??? Yup, you read right. That early. It is just like joining a fun run but I cannot complain, hahaha. So we started that session with a warm-up consisting of arm stretches, high knees, butt kicks, front kicks, anside kicks. And then went on a quick run around what they call the "small loop" in BGC. I borrowed boyfie's Garmin Forerunner 10 that day and it showed that I ran 3.72km on pace of 7"19'/km. We were allowed a quick rest and water break after the run.

After the break, we ran again and this time, it was around the "big loop". We made two rounds, so it was about 5.59km. I was already tired by then so I was only able to maintain a pace of 7"56'/km. We then wrapped it up with several minutes of killer stretches and called it a day.

I am so happy to report that on those two runs that we did that session, I ran in a pace that is faster than my average. It is a big improvement on my part but I know that I still need to push more and train harder. Well, it is only the second session and I still have a looong way to go. :)

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