Binalot and Filipino Food Whatnot

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There's this blog post about Filipino food that went viral. It is by a Polish traveller and blogger who apparently had a bad experience with Filipino food. I actually read the blog and I agreed with some of what was written in there only because she did went to places where I personally would not eat. Now before you go harping me on this, I would just like to say that I looove Filipino food. If you would just read her blog post, you can see that she obviously went to some place that looks as if hygiene is not exactly a priority. And I wouldn't be caught dead eating in that kind of place, not because I'm a snob or something like that, but because I don't want to get sick. Unfortunately, I have a very sensitive stomach that I can rarely eat street food without getting sick. I've given street foods a try but to no avail. Also, the blogger did not do her research because at some point, she ordered longganisa at 7-Eleven and ended up getting a hotdog sandwich. Just FYI, longganisa is Filipino sausage made from pork and different spices, and with variations as some provinces in the Philippines have their own versions. And that being said, 7-Eleven is a Western establishment so one shouldn't really expect authentic Filipino food there, right?

Anyways, let me give y'all an example of authentic Filipino food. Coined from the Filipino term for "wrapped", Binalot is your typical somewhat hole-in-the-wall restaurant that only serves authentic Filipino food. I couldn't exactly describe this place. I mean it's not really fast-food, and it's not really high-end, so I don't know. Hahaha. But oh well. Let me just show you a few of what's on their menu.
Binagoongan with Rice - Php.119
 Talong at Bagoong (Eggplant with Shrimp Paste) - Php.20
Tocino with Rice, Salted Egg, and Fresh Tomato - Php.89

Now, this is what authentic Filipino food looks like. And they're definitely delicious. Binalot serves good food except that their servings are a bit smaller than expected. I got bitin afterwards and ended up eating more at someplace else. But like I said, the food is yummers. For more information on their menu and locations, check out their website here.

So if you're a foreigner who's looking to travel here in the Philippines, I suggest that you look for something like this. Go online and check out food places before actually going to a particular country so you'll know where to look for authentic food. Smart travellers do their research before going to someplace, right? And if ever you do end up here in the Philippines and you're reading this blog, just comment on my page and I'll gladly give you a tour of Manila. I think it would be exciting to meet fellow bloggers and travellers. :)

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