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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My style has always been along the lines of girly and classic. I usually stick to basic pieces, and then some girly items here and there. My usual outfit is composed of a tank top, a floral skirt, and a cover-up like a cardigan or blazer, or a dressy top and shorts. Or sometimes, a dress and a cover-up. And I'm almost always in flats or sandals. 

My kinda narrow-minded and stubborn fashion sense used to think that rubber shoes, or running shoes for that matter, belong in the gym or on the tracks. Or wherever people usually run. But recently, my feet have discovered the joy and comforts of wearing running shoes even when I'm not running. Say, a day out with the family or something. I've begun to appreciate them especially when I'm nursing tired feet because of wearing uncomfortable shoes just for the sake of being fash-yown. So here's how I wore my running shoes during a day off from running.
 Cotton On shirt
Cotton On shorts
Kipling Bag
Under Armour socks
Nike Flex 2013 running shoes

I really loved my outfit here. I loved how comfy everything is, especially my kicks. It's like I could wear them for hours. Heck, I even felt like I never want to take them off ever again. Hahaha. Aside from the fact that they're super duper comfy, these kicks also look cute. I especially love the aqua blue color in it because it's one of my fave hues. Also, it is Nike and that is my favorite brand of sports wear ever. I can say that I'm addicted to Nikes, from running shoes to shorts to dri-fit tops to socks, you name it! Anyway, I guess that's it for this blog post. So what do you think of this outfit? Let me know! :)

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