Monday, February 24, 2014

I honestly did not know how to start this post. I guess it's because a lot of stuff are going on in my mind today. Like my laptop being broken. Like it's Monday, meaning it's back to work which really, really sucks. And like the fact that my body is aching all over because I just finished my third half-mary yesterday (more on that later). Huhuhu.

Anywaysss, here is the last of my outfit post from when I was in Malaysia. This is what I wore on my last day and I couldn't think of anything else to wear. That and the fact that the sheer top I was wearing here was one of those items that I bought out of impulse and still haven't worn yet. Until my last day in MY. I couldn't think of anything else to pair it with so I just went with my fave black shorts.
Top from Unica Hija
Shorts from Plains and Prints
Shoes from Parisian by SM
Bag from Secosana
Sunnies from Minicci at Payless

Okay, so the blog title didn't have anything to do with the outfit. It's just that it was terribly windy that day and I actually enjoyed it, save for the fact that I couldn't get a decent picture. So I decided to just 'em even though it wasn't exactly a good hair day. 

I have a couple more posts of my trip coming up. The next one's gonna get you hungry, I promise you that. :)

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