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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hi, everyone. Like I said in one of my recent posts, super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines last week. The situation in those affected area affected by the typhoon is really , really sad and heartbreaking, and I really, really want to help. So here's my own little way of reaching out to those typhoon victims.

A lot of people were left in complete devastation after the calamity. They lost their homes, resources, and a lot even lost their loved ones. Now, several organizations all over the country are holding relief operations to help the victims. These organizations are in dire need of cash and in-kind donations such as food, water, medicines, toiletries, and clothes. But mostly food and water since a lot of people are starving; they haven't eaten for days. So instead of donating my clothes, I have decided to sell them at very, very low prices so I can raise funds to buy food supplies and then bring these goods to relief centers.

Please please check out the items that I'm selling by clicking here. And feel free to share the album with your friends and family. :)

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