Friday, November 1, 2013

Remember those days when animal prints were all the rage and people were basically stocking up on things covered in leopard, zebra, and you-name-it patterns? Well, those days are gone now but that doesn't mean that one would look tacky wearing 'em. Trends may come and go but given the right pieces to mix and match them with, passé items would still look stylish. Just check out this leopard printed skirt and how I wore it.
Top from Cotton On
Skirt from Cotton On
Cardigan from Clothespin Collection
Flats from Cotton On
Bag from Clothespin Collection

See what I did? I paired down a loud skirt with a black top and black pair of flats with a cute ribbon detail. I then kept it more toned-down with a nude-colored bag. I like keeping things simple. Animal prints may be out of style now but taking them out for a spin once in a while can spruce up an otherwise boring outfit. Plus, fashion trends always return so it's best to just keep those trendy pieces in your closet and wait for their comeback. :)

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