All Covered Up

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I found leggings to be more comfortable than jeans. I've said this before, that my skin tends to feel itchy in jeans so whenever I want to cover up my legs, I wear leggings. Whenever I'm wearing long bottoms, I would usually wear sleeveless tops to balance things out but here's a rare occasion wherein I'm all covered up from top to bottom. You see, I had this weird allergic reaction to something last week so I had icky, red rashes all over my arms and legs. It was really horrible and I hated it. I mean, who wouldn't? Haha. But having rashes doesn't mean one can't be fashionable, right?

 Top from Cotton On
Leggings from Folded and Hung
Flats from Parisian by SM
Bag from Secosana
Watch from Tomato

I really love this top that I got on sale from Cotton On in Hong Kong. I got it for only 59hkd, which is roughly 8usd or 330php. It is definitely a steal, right? What I love about it is that it is very versatile. I love that it goes really well with a pair of shorts or with a body con skirt, and in this case, a pair of black leggings. What do you think about this outfit? :)