Wednesday, October 16, 2013

As per my previous post, I went to Hong Kong with my family for a short vacation. Of course a trip to HK wouldn't be complete without going to Disneyland. I will make a photo diary of that later but let's get to my outfit first, shall we? So what does one wear on a day out at an amusement park? Something comfy but fun. 

For my outfit, I decided to go with the good ol' shirt-and-shorts combo but added some spice with my accessories. I chose a black shirt that I got from Aupie, and paired it with light denim shorts for some contrast. Don't you just love the print on my shirt? Teehee. For my accessories, I grabbed my fave black sling bag and strapped on some black arm candies. And then I wore a brown belt, and a brown beanie hat to add some more, err, color. Finally, I put on my fave kitty cat shoes to add some cutsie detail into my look.
Shirt from Aupie
Shorts from Cotton On
Bag from Marithe + Francois Girbaud
Watch from Tomato
Shoes from Parisian by SM
Beanie hat from a knit store in Baguio City
Belt from a bazaar in Greenhills

This outfit was perfect for walking around Disneyland. It was comfy without compromising my quirky style. What do you think of it? :)

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