For the Love of Running

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"Running is life, with the volume up."

I joined my first ever fun run back in 2011. The distance was 3km. Back then, fun runs were starting to become popular. Or maybe they always were, it's just that it started to pique my interest that time. So anyways, I joined and I enjoyed it. But I had to endure sore legs the following day because I had no preparation whatsoever. After that, I decided to run more often. More like run and then brisk walk. But I used to do it only whenever I wasn't feeling too lazy. The next event that I joined was for a 5km fun run, and 2011 was almost drawing to a close that time.

2012 came. I didn't run for a few months because I got kind of lazy. Mid-year, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I decided to run again. The first time I did it after my long break, it felt great. I felt as if I was leaving my problems behind whenever I run. I did it to the point of exhausting myself too much that my legs would feel consistently sore. But that didn't stop me. I made running an escape from all of my problems and I did it every single day for a couple of weeks. Eventually, I got injured and had to stop for some time as per doctor's recommendations.

Several months passed and I finally managed to get back on my feet. But because of my long rest, I gained some weight, and became overweight at some point. I'm only 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and I weighed 130lbs at the beginning of 2013. That was a wake-up call for me. I signed up for a six-month contract at a gym. I would work out there almost everyday and run once or twice a week. My gym membership expired in August and I didn't intend renew because I realized it was a little too pricey. I didn't lose as much as I wanted to during my six-months membership but I was able to drop down to normal weight (as per BMI). 

When my membership expired, I decided to just go back to my main squeeze, a.k.a. running. It turned out to be more effective than the gym because I dropped to 110lbs by the end of September. Or maybe because I decided to swear of fast food, junk food, and soft drinks from my diet. Anyways, I'm straying off topic. Back to running. So now, I'm running three to four times a week and working out at home every single day (I have some equipments like free weights, and stuff, heh!). I realized that I love running so much. You know, I've always been conscious about my looks. Like I always feel the need to dress up and wear make-up whenever I would go out. But when I'm running, I know that I look sweaty and all, but I feel good inside. Yes, I would feel tired and sometimes sore after, but that never beats the feeling of accomplishment that I get after a good run. I feel awesome and unstoppable, and that's probably the best feeling in the world. :)

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