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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back when I was in high school, I used to sport a simple hair style. I had long layered tresses which were free of any hair color. Back then, I was a bit scared of dyeing my hair or even cutting it too short, for fear that I might not be able to pull it off. In my sophomore year of college, that was when I started changing my look a bit. I started experimenting with my hair. And as time passed, I became more adventurous with it and for the past six or so years, I have gone through a lot of hair transformations. Check out some of my photos taken through the years.
natural hair color
short hair

I have always worn my hair long. Then when I was in college, I decided to cut it short. Like really short. I would let it grow up to shoulder-length then I would cut it again. When I was started working, there were a few months that I sported long locks with full bangs. Now my hair is back to its usual long and layered state. 

As for the hair color, I started out with something along the lines of medium brown to be on the safe side. Since it was my first time, I didn't want to try something to extreme. Then I switched to a lighter shade of brown. And then when I became more confident, I had my hair dyed in this shade of brown that's a little orange-y. Some time last year, I dyed it black but I'm no longer used to having dark hair so that only lasted for a week. I went back to brown. Then a couple of months ago, I had it dyed red. Currently, my hair is in ombre color.

Now, for someone who likes changing looks a lot, it is kind of a hassle to wait for it to grow or for the color to fade out before I can decide to change it again. This is where hair extensions come in. Hair extensions make changing your look a lot easier. You can go from short to long in just a snap. And once you get tired of it, you can easily have it removed. Now that's what you call hassle-free styling. So where do you get one of these extensions? Two words: Seek Hair.

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  1. Cute pics. I am always so nervous to do anything different with my hair! Great post.


    1. Try to change it a bit every now and then. Thanks, Sarah! :)

  2. Great hair styles! The first one is my favorite.

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