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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Super duper late post! Haven't gotten around to posting this. My bad, my bad! Teehee! Anyways, here's my monthly post of my Instagram photos.
Goldilocks Choco Rhumble cake
bibi bunnies
my ginormous face
the facade of Sta. Clara de Montafalco church, one of the most beautiful churches I've seen
the inside of the church
bibi Sharpay during her bath time
me and my not-so-little sister
pigged during the National Breakfast Day, wee
new arm candy
with Lei and Josh, two of my dearest college friends
Forever 21 goodies
throwback, with Bradley Cooper's face
le sis and I goofing around

For more of my cam-whoring and food porn photos, do check out my Instagram page here. And if you want to, follow me on IG @itsevamarie and do follow at your own risk. Hahaha!

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