Hot Fun

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm lucky to be living in a tropical country like the Philippines where it's sunny all year round. Well, except during the midyear when it tends to rain like crazy. Anyways, it's summer here right now and we all know that it's the perfect time for shorts, tank tops, breezy skirts, sandals, and flip flops. Check out what I'm wearing here.
Black tube top from a bazaar
Floral tank top from Forever 21
Khaki shorts from Forever 21
Flip flops from Havaianas
Sunnies from Clothespin Collection

Boy, it was scorching hot that day and I'm loooving it. No worries though as I was wearing a couple of layers of sunblock. Ah, look at the beach behind me. Doesn't it make you want to take a dip? :)


  1. dapat nan don ka sa tubig tapos nagtatampisaw tapos with matching ngiti abot tenga para bongga. yihii..

    1. Ginawa ko naman yun after ng outfit shots. Hehe. :D

  2. so jealous of the warm weather! cute look


  3. Lovely top! I'm so jealous of the weather there!