The Everglow

Friday, February 15, 2013

In a recent post, I mentioned something about signature outfits. Here's another one of those outfits: a printed skirt plus a plain top and a cardigan, or a dress and a cardigan. Then I'd top it off with either ballet flats or embellished sandals, which kinda depends on my mood. I usually wear this combination at work. You see, I work in a very laid-back environment where people are allowed to dress down and just wear jeans. But I'm not the jeans-and-shirt kind of girl so as much as possible, I wear skirts and dresses. I usually pair them with flats so I can be my girly self but still keep that laid-back vibe.
What was I looking at? Seriously, this was a stolen shot. Haha.
Cardigan and skirt from Clothespin Co.
Tank top from a bazaar
Sandals from Lower East Side by Payless Shoe Source
Bag from Dooney and Bourke
Watch from Tomato Time
Hype this on here.

What I totally love about my outfit here is the printed skirt. And though I'm wearing several colors here, like yellow, green, the blue and orange on my skirt, everything looked very put-together. Mind you, it was a sunny day but the fabric of my cardigan was so light that I didn't feel hot at all. What do you think of the whole look?

And if you're curious about the title of this post, The Everglow is a song and an album title of one of my favorite bands, Mae. JSYK. :)


  1. Cute cardi and skirt. I'm not a jeans person either. I'm more comfy in skirts and dresses.

    1. For some reason, jeans makes my legs feel itchy. Haha. Thanks, Lizzie! :)

  2. I like this look..really bright and cute :-)

  3. My cousin looks so much like you, btw. She's in her late teens. Even your smiles are identical. It's amazing.

  4. I love the skirt and the bag. Very nice colour coordination :)

    Thara from Moss & Stone