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Friday, February 8, 2013

My baby Sharpay.
A chill Sunday night at UP Ayala Technohub.
New babies. Which I sold! Haha.
OOTD shot. My favorite studded top.
A cute little reminder from my Starbucks planner.
Belgian waffles and Java Chip Frappuccino, my favorite Starbucks order.
An action-packed afternoon at the Hoopsilonians.
Beer plus bubblegum flavored lambanog. Deadly.
Camwhoring mode because I was bored.
Chicken and pasta from Bugong's Chicken in UP Los Baños.
DIY. My new necklace holder.
Sausage McMuffin with egg, hash brown, and hot chocolate. My fave 
McDonald's breakfast.
Another mini make-up haul from Maybelline and ELF.
With Dianne, one of my batchmates in UP Sigma Delta Phi. 
Which is the best sorority.


  1. Looks like January had a lot of fun and delicious food for you :)

    Love Scrapbook