Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm not really a sneakers-wearing gal. I've always thought that my calves were too big for a shorts-and-sneakers ensemble even though people have told me otherwise. But for the Paramore concert which happened last February 15 (thus the post title Fences, one of their songs), I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear sneakers for a change. Now, I really don't have anything that wouldn't look out of place at a rock concert but after several minutes of going through piles of clothes in my now very messy closet, I was able to find some pieces that look good together. And not to mention rock concert appropriate.
Oopsie! Forgot to clean 'em before using. Haha.
Striped tank top from BNY Jeans
DIY denim vest
Shorts from Mudd
Black beaded bracelet from Scrimp Manila
Watch from Tomato
Sneakers from Converse
Bag from Coach
Hype this on Lookbook.nu here.

I ended up with aching feet because I'm really not used to wearing sneakers. How weird. Maybe I should wear them more often. Hihi. Now this outfit is not my usual but I think I pulled it off nicely. What do you think? :)


  1. Your outfit has got me excited for the Summer! I love the shorts and sneakers look. It's how I spend the majority of my summer - when it's not raining that is! Great outfit.


  2. Love the stripes! Very cute and casual.