Sound of Settling

Monday, December 3, 2012

Irrelevant title, I know! Teehee. That's the title of the song that's currently in my head, and it's by one of my all time fave bands, Death Cab for Cutie.

Anyways, here's my outfit on our first day in Baguio. A friend informed me that it was going to be freezing cold there while another friend told me otherwise. Then I got confused as to what clothes to bring. So I decided on this crochet top and just paired it with one of my fave khakis. You can never go wrong with crochet tops. I love that the fabric is warm enough if it gets too cold. But it's short-sleeved and has holes in it so it's also good if the weather gets warm. Of course, I'm wearing a tank top underneath.
And here's my youngest cousin, Migs. He wanted to be in the picture so 
I let him. He's one vain kid, just like me! :D
Yellow Crochet Top from Willow at The Ramp Crossings
Khaki Shorts from Uniqlo
Sunnies from Minicci at Payless Shoe Source
Sandals from Lower East Side at Payless Shoe Source

Thanks to Paolo, another one of my cousins and Migs' older bro, for giving in to my vanity whims and for taking my outfit shots.

It's finally December! And for me, that means that my blog will be having its first birthday. Big whoop! Yes, it's turning one year old and you, dear readers, are a big part of it. A blog giveaway, perhaps? Hmm. :)


  1. Great outfit! I love the sweater and the bag. I hope you have a nice visit!


    1. Yeah, I did have a great time. Thanks! :)

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