Bloggers United 4

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yay for the fourth installment of Bloggers United! Fourth time that it was held, third time that I attended it. And this time, it ran for two days in the World Trade Center in cooperation with WorldBex. But I only went on the first day which is too bad because Shay Mitchell, Emily from Pretty Little Liars, was there on the second day. Boohoo. I was this close to bawling my eyes out when I learned about it.

For those who don't know, Bloggers United is an event where top fashion bloggers in the country sell their pre-loved items at low prices. As expected, readers, fashion enthusiasts, and other bloggers would flock this event, and the venue would always be jam-packed. Who wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to raid your fave fashion bloggers' closets? Right? Also, this is a venue for readers to meet and greet the bloggers.
The lovely Patricia Prieto.

Well there you go. Kudos to the organizers Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonzales, and Melai Entuna for this successful event. Do check out their blogs. 

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