Cody's Christening

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Saturday, I attended the Christening of my office friend's son, Cody. The reception was held at Shakey's. My colleagues and I had a blast goofing around and munching on the yummy candies. Yes, there's this table just for candies which I enjoyed very much. But I'll zip my lips now and just show you some pictures.
Look at all the cuppiecakes! I gotta know who baked these.
Wee. Candies and more candies!
And yes, I gotta have a balloon.
Friends from work. 
Giveaway cookies. These are just so cute that I stared at them for a long 
time before eating them.
And here's Cody! He's such a cutie patootie!

See? Not so much words, eh? Summarizing everything that transpired the whole day, it was really fun. It was quite a shindig. Oh, and again, welcome to the Christian world, Cody. :)


  1. wow na-inspire naman ako sa cupcakes.. welcome to the Christian world Cody :)

    1. Ang cute nung cupcakes noh? Hihi. :3

  2. cuteness.

  3. Replies
    1. I love gummy candies. Brings out the kid in me. :D

  4. Thanks for posting, magaya nga rin to, lapit na rin kasi kami magpachristening :)

    1. Nakita ko yung baby. Sooo cute. :D

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